Our experience and our quality standards prove us right.

All of our properties are rented on a sustainable basis. With good facilities and close contact with the tenants, competent contact persons and employees are also available on site as part of object care.

We organize all repairs, trimming work, yard work in that way you like.
Also we help with renovation, water damages, insurance setllement and much more.

There for we use a forum software, where we hold contact with you, archive your documents like renting contracts or memos, archive repairs and yearly billing status if ordered. If you have to declare taxes in Germany we help you with that in coorperation with a established tax and business consultant, if you do not have an own one.

Please come in contact with us if you like to rent out your property or for selling. We operate in the Kaiserslautern Military Community, particularly Ramstein Airbase, Landstuhl, Kaiserslautern Sembach, around Baumholder and also in the Region around Kusel. Within plenty minutes the tenants arrive their base, but also live in a quiet area with all necessities in a good neighbourhood.

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