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antique keys 3Keyservice / Repairservice

Our Staff can help with all repairs, renovations and with a full Service for your property and keep your home in a good conditíon. Our contractors serve your home with maintenance, heating service, bank service, deposit service, document service and repairs.


family 18Tenants Arrangement
We hold contact with your tenants, take care of all payings and the incoming rent, we do the utility billing and declare tax in your name, we take care for a good condition and arrange repairs, also we keep the deposit in a trusted account at our partners bank.


Thererefore we represent the interest of the owner. We arrange the paperwork with your insurances, and take care of all necessary activities around your property.

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Document Service . webdesk

Most of our Clients are located somewhere over the world, and they need a German postal adress to receive the necessary documents like bills, maintenance reports, repairs and incoming bills, bank statements and tax asessements.

They like everything running, want to be informed and do not want to give up the control.

We collect all Paperwork

for you and provide it in our webdesk. You will be informed by email if new mails come and so you can see what happens at your investment and be involved in all progresses, if you wish.

Also we report all repairs and changing of tenants, contracts, inventory sheet on our online document server. So you are always informed and your realestate business keeps running.


Property Service
Our Property Managers check the Properties in an agreed rota and report the condition into the webdesk.

They can help with yardwork and repairs, and are contact person for your tenants.

We answer tenants questions and help to get around.

Organize the appointments with chimney sweaper, heating inspection and viewing appointments.


We help with contracting with gascompany and power bill and help translating, doing the arranged utility bills and compare fees.

Furtheremore we support the tenants. And the best is, you only pay what you need.


You get infos for less and you have acces to a network of trustet people, which know what tenants need and work for fair pricesm transparent and reported here in this webdesk.

Enjoy our full real estate service in the Kaiserslautern MIlitary Community.

Renting Service
We help and organize renting advertisement and stay in contact with the housing offices in the area. This full around service makes us able to say – we have no empty properties, and if – not for long time!

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Real Estate Offers
for rent or to purchase

in the Kaiserlautern Military Community, around Landstuhl, Ramstein, Weilerbach, Kusel, Baumholder, Birkenfeld

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